NVMe RAID Support på Threadripper

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NVMe RAID Support på AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™

AMD har tidligere meddelt at NVMe RAID support vil komme til Ryzen Threadripper platformen, og dette er nu sket. AMD har i dag sendt os nyheden at NVMe RAID nu er supporteret på Ryzen Threadripper. Det kræver blot en opdatering af BIOS og nye drivers fra AMD.

Den fulde nyhed med link til guide findes herunder:


Now available: Free NVMe RAID upgrade for AMD X399 chipset!

Over the last few weeks, the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processor has cemented a place in the world as today’s ultimate solution for creators and enthusiasts. It’s easy to see why: scores of cores, piles of PCI Express® lanes, plus powerful quad-channel memory support. And, today, we’re making the best a little better with a beta release of free support for bootable NVMe RAID!


NOTICE: Any user that has an existing SATA RAID config must back up the array’s data and break down the current array before proceeding with driver install and BIOS upgrade. Please see additional details in our knowledgebase article.

  1. Download the latest AMD RAIDXpert2 package to obtain the NVMe RAID driver and management software.
  2. Update the BIOS for your AMD X399-based motherboard to add BIOS support for NVMe RAID.
  3. Install two or more NVMe SSDs to your system.
  4. Create a new NVMe RAID array:
    1. Method A: …Using your motherboard’s firmware. There will be a new menu in your BIOS, or a new menu accessible with a hotkey during POST. This will vary by model.
    2. Method B: …using the AMD RAIDXpert2 software.
    3. Make sure your disks do not contain important data!
  5. Just enjoy! No hardware activation keys, license fees, or arbitrary SSD restrictions apply. It’s that simple.


In a word: wow. In our own performance testing, we’ve been seeing some blistering results from our test systems—a monstrous 21.2GB/s from six disks in RAID0! But RAID users know that scaling matters, too, and X399 NVMe RAID still looked great in our lab: 6.00X read scaling, and 5.38X write scaling, from one to six disks (see chart below).

Performance will naturally vary based on the model and quantity of SSDs you use, plus the test pattern of your benchmark, but it’s clear that our free NVMe RAID solution can scale and scale fast.


Check out Robert Hallock's blog on the topic right here: https://community.amd.com/community/gaming/blog/2017/10/02/now-available-free-nvme-raid-upgrade-for-amd-x399-chipset

The supporting knowledgebase article containing driver links, known issues, user notes will be at this URL: http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/NVMe-RAID-Support-for-the-AMD-Ryzen-Threadripper-platform.aspx.


03-10-2017 12:05:30
Re: NVMe RAID Support på Threadripper
Seriøse hastigheder....
System info:
StyresystemWindows 10 64bit
CPUIntel, I7 4770 bærbart et elelr anet
Gfx Nvidia, 770M
Ram16 GB
CPU KølingLuft,
Harddisk240 Samsung EVA + 750 GB ALM

03-10-2017 17:08:28
Re: NVMe RAID Support på Threadripper

Hvad er dette for ej-Intel lignende tilstande.

System info:
StyresystemWindows 7 64bit
BundkortASUS Crosshair VI Hero
CPUAMD, Ryzen 1800X
Gfx Nvidia, EVGA GTX 1070 FTW
RamG.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB 3200MHz 14-14-14-14-34
PsuCorsair AX860 (SeaSonic)
CPU KølingVand, EK-XRES PWM m. Res x3 250, XSPC RX480, EKWB Crosshair VI Monoblock.
HarddiskSamsung PM961 m.2, Samsung EVO 850, HyperX SSD, Crucial SSD, WD Blacks

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