i5-750 & i7-870 on Gigabyte P55-UD4P (UK)

Benchmark d.  28. september. 2009, skrevet af M.Beier-old
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28-09-2009 15:05:25
Project Ibex Peak & multinational experiment

During Q3 '09 Intel launched Ibex Peak - better known as P55, the platform is much alike the well known X58, yet its not only targeted the highend segment, but rather three-in-one solution, something many computerusers has been upset with Intel for not providing (changing socket standards often, running multiple sockets)
"Entr y level" i3, 32nm dualcore, HT and 45nm IGP (GPU)
"Mid", i5, 45nm quadcore
"High" i7 45nm quadcore with HT

As previously mentioned there are some differences on LGA1366 and LGA1156, the one that is most obvious is the "lost" channel in memory support, both have IMC (IntegratedMemoryController) yet LGA1366 supports three channels, while LGA1156 only supports two.
Fortunately, due improvements in IMC the efficiency on LGA1156 is very high, and you are likely only to loose 2-2.5GB/s by only using two channels compared to the three of the LGA1366.

NB: Post/article will be updated at later point with documentations on bandwidth (Perhaps a small debate on declining or confirming?)

Multinational project:
LGA1366 is by Intel set to be the top performing platform, despite this its an interesting platform, I wanted to test a theory, of which I consider myself "confirmed".
I believe that even though its not the top performer, it is indeed an interesting platform and therefore of interest to the enthusiasts who generally go for best.
For this experiment I planned benching in four different countries(Ireland, Denmark, Hungary, France), unfortunately I was unable doing so.
Initially I had some issues with my platform, after a lot of frustration, another chip (i5-750, started with i7-870) I still couldn't get my system running again; however, I decided that it might be MB, RAM or PSU.
For this reason I contacted Unseen (GR), who I was to bench with, we decided it was worth trying.
Following day I went to his place, we setup the platform and it came alive!

NB; Later appeared that my BFG 680W PSU is very dead indeed.

Tuesday 15th September:

Intel i5-750 & i7-870
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4P
OCZ PC12800 2x2GB
nVidia 8800GT 512 G92
1200W SilverStone
F1-copy pot & CO2 (DICE)
300GB Maxtor Diamondmax10

First off we tried booting with air, and it appeared system came alive, then we went to buy dry ice, an hour later or so we returned, starting trying some calculation benchmarks, here is what we came up with;

i5-750 32M:

i5-750 1M:

i7-870 1M:

i7-870 WinRar at low freq (we forgot pic of faster):

The guys;
Unseen & M.Beier

Oh and to validate a little;

I had a very good time with Unseen and hope to meet him again for some benching! Despite we didn't hit the frequencies we hoped for the spirit was good, and we had some interesting talking about communities, hardware and manufacturers.

After the bench session I experimented a bit with the platform with minor changes;

Ram: 2x2GB RIPJAWS PC12800 (stinks), 2x1GB PC12800HZ (avatar ;) )
PSU; 600W Enermax Noisetaker

During my experimenting, with a CPU frequency around 4-4.3ghz I hit 23-24GB/s (SiSandra)

Early Friday 25th my new VGA arrived HD4870X2;
Due this I simply couldn't resist running a few 3D benchmarks, unfortunately, due HDD death (MANY), I lost almost all documents, including all my licensing codes. FutureMark 3Dmark2005+2006 will be uploaded at later stage.. NO VANTAGE, I have my two keys - but I still don't like that benchmark, make people pay; boycott the benchmark, status quo.

Intel i5-750
Baharam? (Oliver knows the name 😛 )
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4P
G.Skll F3-PC128002GBHZ
ATI 4870X2
600W Enermax
300GB Maxtor

All on air;

Unfortunately GPU-Z misreads frequencies. Seems one core was clocked, other wasn't.
GPU1; 827/995
GPU2: 750/900
GFX-mem can do a lot more.
GPU had to be declocked to 822 for '06.



I didn't have much time as I had to catch a plane same day ;) (Im in Budapest at the moment, unfortunately Jugeen & Achill3uS didn't have time for benching.)

When I get back to Denmark I will try reaching higher frequencies, and perhaps cool everything a bit more decent? 😉
I have been told that the "low" frequencies from DICE could easily be explained by BIOS, of which I find easy to believe - unfortunately I was unable to update BIOS, and hope to try a new card at later point.

I am outmost happy with the platform; when I boot my system these days; I don't boot my Phenom II X4 940BE, but rather the i5-750, the performance is superior, especially as with air its 4200mhz compared to 3700mhz.. CPC is already better performing on the i5.
The i5-750 is a "cheap" chip, and unless you have a passion for FutureMark Vantage, WinRar or other 4+ threaded benchmarks, it would be my top pick ANY day! For winrar, I experienced roughly 20% higher results with i7-870, due it has HT and therefore double amount of threads.
As for the P55 board, I do indeed like the GA-P55-UD4P however, a very important feature is missing, however, from all other I have seen this feature, so just my BIOS it seems; I couldn't save OC profiles, which was quite frustrating, as when benching you often experience no boot.
The board didn't have any problems 230BCLK, no additional cooling was applied to board, I believe it delivers all the power required to fully unleash all LGA1156.
I am strongly considering buying a i3 with integrated GPU to run a VERY fast workstation and surf machine (I don't really play much computer), and then next to it a solid i5-750 or i7-870 with HD5870X2 once its released!

I have been fortunate and invited to Gigabyte TweaKING, where I will play further with P55 along with a lot of fellow overclockers, it seems there will be an astonishing 22 teams!

NB; At later point video will be uploaded from Unseens hardcore pot heating action 😀
So will more pictures of the setup!