What are my odds of getting what i want?

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04-04-2014 11:26:56
Hello Gigabyte,

I am currently looking to blow my tax rebate on a gaming keyboard. Now i am very anal, and picky about my keyboards.

Some how Gigabyte has managed to make everything correct, but in the wrong order. Well apart from one minor detail, i need to be sure of.

I am looking at the Aivia Osmium, the keyboard layout seems to suit me, i would have liked a wider space bar like the Steelseries Apex. The spacebar is a problem i can learn to live with, but would be nice to see in the future, with that said, I want the Aivia Osmium with the Cherry Red MX, but that causes an issue, since Gigabyte has picked that the Cherry Red MX is a blue LED keyboard.

My whole pc system is setup with white led's, now the Aivia Osmium does come with white LEDs, but that would mean i would have to have the Cherry Brown switches.

I have to admit, that i have yet to try any of the switches, since i am coming from a membrane keyboard, but, i like the soft touch, not a lot of pressure needed, and for that, Cherry red is what i need to be looking at.

One more thing, i need to know, is it possible to disable individual keys on the Aivia Osmium? When i play BF4, i have a habbit of hitting 3 different keys, that i dont want to be hitting, one is Caps lock, another is the windows key, and the last is the button on the left of the 1 on the top numbers line. I need to know if i can disable these keys, and have 2 or more profiles for my keyboard?

Now that all this is said and done, is there any chance in hell, i can get a Aivia Osmium with Cherry Red MX and white LED's?
04-04-2014 11:42:44
Tror jeg ikke, det er noget du selv må lave, ville være mit gæt, men :) forsøg værd.

04-04-2014 19:47:24
Hvordan kan man være meget anal omkring et tastatur?

Skal det være nordic eller er uk/us ok?

Prøv at lave et ca. billede af hvordan du tænker det skal se ud.

09-04-2014 10:30:45
Hi Pierre3400,

I sent your request to the Peripherals team and this was their answer:

Our current version for Aivia Osmium are Cherry Red with blue backlight and Cherry Brown with white backlight.

Regarding disabling the 3 keys and have 2 or more profiles.
There's a winlock key to disable "windows key", but "Caps lock" and "the button on the left of 1" can't be disabled.
There are 5 gaming profiles (G1-G5 buttons) that you can change on the go.

The difference between Cherry Red & Cherry Brown is that there's slight tactile bump after pressing a brown switch, the actuation weight of these two switches is 45g.
We suggest that you try the real samples at the shop.

Thanks for his big support off GIGABYTE products.

Hope this sorts some of your questions out, have a nice day and take care!

Best regards,
Ted Olsson