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Toulouse ( France ), The 16th december

BACATA a french specialized industrial and PC cooling solution...start to
promote is own product.

The first product : THE TEC KIT

What's a Thermoelectric
A thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is a small heat pump which has the advantage
of no moving parts. Thermoelectric cooling is used in various applications
where space limitations and reliability are paramount and CFCs are not
desired. The coolers operate on direct current and may be used for heating
or cooling by reversing the direction of current flow. This is achieved by
moving heat from one side of the module to the other with current flow and
the laws of thermodynamics. A typical single stage cooler consists of two
ceramic plates with p- and n-type semiconductor material (bismuth telluride)
between the plates. The elements of semiconductor material are connected
electrically in series and When a positive DC voltage is applied to the
n-type thermoelement, electrons pass from the p- to the n-type thermoelement
and the cold side temperature will decrease as heat is absorbed. The heat
absorption (cooling) is proportional to the current and the number of
thermoelectric couples. This heat is transferred to the hot side of the
cooler, where it is dissipated into the heat sink and surrounding
The theories behind the operation of thermoelectric cooling can be traced
back to the early 1800s. Jean Peltier discovered there is a heating or
cooling effect when electric current passes through two conductors. Thomas
Seebeck found two dissimilar conductors at different temperatures would
create an electromotive force or voltage. William Thomson (Lord Kelvin)
showed that over a temperature gradient, a single conductor with current
flow, will have reversible heating and cooling. With these principles in
mind and the introduction of semiconductor materials in the late 1950's,
thermoelectric cooling has become a viable technology for small cooling


The TEC KIT is available for AMD and INTEL CPU

What we find on the TEC KIT

1) A Termoelectric at 55W or 72W

2) A copper plate

3) Insulating material

4) Thermal Grease

A luxury version is available with ARCTIC SILVER Grease.

If you need more information don't hesitate to contact us

Best regards

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