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Featuring NVIDIA?s GeForce2 MX, 32 MB of ultra-fast 5ns SDRAM,
on-board TV-tuner with time shift function, s-video-in and s-video-out,
digital video recorder (DVD) functionality and video editing software

Taipei - Hong Kong - Fremont/Ca., - Amsterdam - Munich - Jan 8th, 2001.
Gainward Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of high performance 3D graphics and DVD ac-celerators, today announced the Gainward Hollywood/MXTM 3D graphics and home en-tertainment accelerator integrating NVIDIA?s high performing 256-bit GeForce2 MX and 32 MB of ultra-fast 5ns SDRAM display memory for the most exciting 3D gaming per-formance.

The Gainward Hollywood/MXTM includes Gainward?s award winning XPERToolTM per-formance tuning utility for easy customized performance enhancements and advanced per-formance settings. The integrated 350 MHz RAMDAC delivers refresh rates up to 240 Hz and true color (32bpp) up to 1920 x 1440 at 85 Hz refresh rate. Gainward?s unique High-Performance/Wide-BandwidthTM hardware design and powerful software support assures outstanding performance and stability.

The Gainward Hollywood/MXTM also features an on-board TV-tuner with advanced software-support including
· sophisticated ?real time? software DVD recording (requires Pentium III or compatible CPU with 750 MHz of faster),
· hardware accelerated DVD playback (complete digital video recorder functionality),
· multi channel preview (displays all available TV-channels as thumb nails)
· and time shift function.
The time-shift function enables the user to record the TV-program in DVD format ?real-time? onto the hard disk (ring buffer) and to continue watching it with a delay e.g. to make a phone call or to skip commercials.

In addition, the Gainward Hollywood/MXTM is bundled with a powerful video editing software to cut DVD video sequences frame by frame, to combine them with fancy transi-tions to be chosen from a comprehensive library, to add text (titling) or special effects (e.g. picture in picture) and to complete the video with a variety of sound tracks.

The Gainward Hollywood/MXTM is also equipped with an s-video-in connector for DVD video recording and frame grabbing from any external video-source and an s-video-out connector to connect a large screen display or an external video recorder.

Gainward further enhances the Gainward Hollywood/MXTM with its value adds, includ-ing multi lingual support, easy plug-and-play AUTORUN installation from CD-ROM, easy-to-use Windows utilities, and performance enhanced, accelerated software drivers. The Gainward Hollywood/MXTM will be available in February 2001 at an estimated retail price of $249/?250 incl. VAT. Gainward also offers European direct internet sales (

XPERToolTM Performance Tuning Utility
XPERToolTM is Gainward?s performance tuning utility that allows the user to easily adjust Gainward Hollywood/MXTM?s engine clock from NVIDIA?s recommended default set-tings of 175 MHz engine clock and 166 MHz memory clock to even higher settings. Gain-ward offers the end user the choice to either run the board at default settings or at enhanced settings which may offer better real-world 3D performance for higher resolutions even at 32 bit color depth (4X AGP required). Performance tuning is the most commonly used method among the ultimate power gamers to extract the utmost performance out of a high quality 3D graphics card. In computers with good ventilation, graphics boards can potentially run significantly faster than in systems where the heat cannot dissipate. Gainward kept its de-sign flexible, and in order to run at the highest clock settings possible the Gainward Hol-lywood/MXTM also features efficient heat control and a large, high performance cooling fan.

Robust and Complete Software Support
The Gainward Hollywood/MXTM also supports all major OS and software standards in-cluding Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT4.0, Linux, Open GL ICD, and DirectX 8.0 to deliver excellent performance while assuring the best possible compatibility with cur-rent and future applications and games. The Gainward Hollywood/MXTM is also backed by continuously updated free driver update support through the internet ( or