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Som en læser så venligt har skrevet i vores forum, har HardOCP haft fingrene i ABit's nye KT7A, som benytter VIA's KT133A chipset, der har support for 133 MHz FSB. De har faktisk overclocket en Athlon 750 MHz med FSB, de nåede 140 MHz eller 280 Mhz effektivt, hvilket sammen med en multiplier på 8x, gjorde udslag i en hastighed på 1120 MHz.
Surely if you are reading this, you are looking for a board that is going to give you some killer stability when OCing. You will, however, need some superior cooling to reach those high OC levels. Superior cooling requires room to put it on the board, and we have seen many boards lately that were jam-packed with so much crap around the socket that many coolers will not fit. The KT7A still has a close row of capacitors on the first-clip side, but it seems that this will only cause you problems with the orb coolers. Still, even those can be modified VERY EASILY to fit. We did not have any HSFs that would NOT fit on this board. In fact, if you look at the larger images closely, you will see where one capacitor has been moved from immediately in front on the clip. It is nice to see the board engineers thinking about these things at least.

Lastly, and as a point of great importance, the KT7A is still "100% Jumperless" and allows you to utilize voltage tweaks up to 1.85 volts through the SoftMenuIII. Of course we can still unlock the AMD CPUs and change the multiplier in the BIOS as is the norm with ABIT boards.
Du kan læse testen her: http://www.hardocp.com/reviews/mainboards/abit/kt7a/index.html