VIA annoncerer Cyrix III 700 MHz

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VIA har i dag annonceret en ny version af deres Cyrix III processor med en clockfrekvens på 700 MHz. Cyrix III processoren benytter MMX og 3DNOW! teknologi, og har 128 KB L1 cache, mens L2 cachen er lidt mindre, nemlig 64 KB. Cyrix III sigter mod low-end markedet, understøtter 100 eller 133 MHz FSB, og passer til Intels Socket 370.
Taipei, Taiwan, January 12, 2001 --VIA Technologies, Inc today announced the launch of the 700MHz VIA Cyrix® III, a new high speed processor that enhances the performance capabilities of value PC systems.

"The new 700MHz VIA Cyrix® III processor is available in volume today," commented Richard Brown, Director of Marketing for VIA Technologies, Inc. "It provides a compelling solution for powering affordable value PC systems that deliver robust performance for mainstream productivity and Internet applications."

Fully compatible with industry standard socket 370, the VIA Cyrix III processor comes with 128KB Level 1 cache, 100/133MHz Front Side Bus, and MMX? and 3DNow! support to deliver all the performance necessary for applications typically employed by value PC users, including browsing the Internet and mainstream business and personal productivity suites. The processor is built using an advanced 0.18 micron manufacturing process and has the industry's smallest die size of 75mm2, ensuring exceptionally low power consumption and heat dissipation.

Pricing and Availability
VIA Cyrix® III processors are available in volume from the company's authorized distribution partners at speeds of 500, 533, 550, 600, 650, 667, and 700MHz. The VIA Cyrix® III 700MHz processor is priced at US$62 in 1,000-unit quantities.