GeForce 3 Preview @ Anandtech

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Anandtech har også kigget nærmere på nVidias GeForce 3 grafikprocessor, her er dog tale om en noget mere spiselig gennemgang på 10 sider, så hvis du ikke har tid til de 36 sider på Tom's Hardware kan du jo tjekke den her istedet.
The first thing to get over with the GeForce3 is that the 0.15-micron core, with 57 million transistors, has the same number of pixel pipelines and is clocked at the same core speed as NVIDIA's GeForce2 GTS.

The reason for the die-shrink was to make room for the 128% increase in transistor count and to keep the GPU from eating too much power although we already expect it to run fairly hot. For those that don't remember, the GeForce2 GTS core was produced on a 0.18-micron fabrication process and boasted an incredible 25 million transistors. At 57 million transistors, the GeForce3 GPU is more complex than Intel's Pentium 4 processor in terms of sheer transistor count. Obviously this is a flawed comparison since the CPU guys have a much tougher job cramming in all the logic into as small and as efficient of an area, but it is a noteworthy parallel to make.
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