KT400 Roundup

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AMDMB har sammenlignet en stak KT400 bundkort. Eller syv stk. for at være helt nøjagtig.
Der er bl.a. udfordrere fra Gigabyte, ABIT, SOYO og nogle af de andre store kæmper.
AMDMB har svært ved at træffe en beslutning om en vinder, så er de lige gode, eller lige dårlige ?

"The race for the best performing KT400 motherboard is a close and contested one. While the Abit AT7-MAX2 stands out amongst the crowd, the distance of its leads in the benchmarks is not considerable enough to label it as the end-all king of the KT400 world. The Soyo Dragon KT400 did very well in a lot of the benchmarks and had an equally appealing feature set to couple with it. In order to pick the motherboard that is going to be right for you, you really need to look at the features and board layouts to see what fits your style. If you are an overclocker, then getting a board with the ability to adjust the multiplier without modifying the processor is going to be a good choice"