Athlon "Palomino" med SSE

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Ifølge The Register vil AMDs Athlon "Palomino", efterfølger til Athlon "Thunderbird", have Intels Streaming SIMD Extensions ( SSE ) instruktionssæt. Derudover vil der være en del forbedringer på selve kernen, blandt andet vil Athlon have en hurtigere FPU.
AMD's new Athlon core, codenamed Palomino, is due to ship at 1.4GHz in January, 1.5GHz in Q2 and 1.7GHz in 2H 2001. Key improvements will include much improved branch prediction, cooler running (see AMD tests 'super silicon' to beat heat problems), hardware prefetch and core optimisations to improve FPU and ALU performance.

But most intriguing is a suggestion from sources close to AMD that Palomino will also be the first AMD chip to incorporate Intel's original Screaming Sindy (Katmai) instructions first implemented with the Pentium III.
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