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Lidt nyt fra vennerne på www.ocshoot.com :

citat[I got some news for you all today, we have just done mayor update on our watercooling article. Adding Two new chapters in this neverending story.

The guys over at OcShoot have just done some heavily updates to their watercooling guide. This time they show you how to improve your watercooling system to improve cooling. They also got some good information on how to set up your watercooler, the dangers and what to be aware of. Also their showing some ideas they got for the future, with pictures of a new and improved direct watercooler block, a peltier intercooler and more. Take a look here.

"We saw at once that Senfus radiators had a very good potential - remove the 3/16" restriction and you got a very good radiator - maybe one of the best in the market considering price/performance. The radiator to the left is modified (with a dremel tool). Now the radiator is perfect for 10mm cooling lines. We want to run the peltiers on 17V which the ones we use are designed for - this is done by running two powersupplies in serial which will give 24V. This will be throttled down to 17V by help of a light dimmer ( a "ohmsk" dimmer designed for lightbulbs). We have already tried this and it works great - and did you know that you can overclock your peltier too by feeding it by more voltage than it is designed for ?"

direct link: http://www.ocshoot.com/coolcomputers.htm

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