AMD modtager awards for deres Athlon og Duron CPU.

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-Honors include PC Magazine Taiwan CPU of the Year, plus 8 awards for the
AMD Duron(tm) processor, 2 French awards for the AMD Duron processor-

SUNNYVALE, CA-JANUARY 8, 2000-AMD began 2001 on a high note by adding
several new honours to an already long list of awards for the AMD Athlon(tm)
and now the AMD Duron(tm) family of processors. Included in these are
"Product of the Year" honours (CPU category) for the AMD Athlon processor
from PC Magazine in Taiwan as well as 8 awards for the AMD Duron processor.
Two of the awards for the AMD Duron are from renowned French publications
including "Best 2001 Processor" from PC Achat magazine and "Best Purchase
for the Year 2001" from PC Direct. Korea's Digital Times named the AMD
Duron "Processor of the Year". France's Computer Reseller News also
bestowed AMD with "Company of the Year" (Writer's Choice) honours.

AMD Athlon(tm) Processor Awards
The "Product of the Year" award from PC Magazine Taiwan comes on the heels
of a rare "triple crown" of accolades of three of the industry's most
prestigious honours: "CPU of the Year" for 2001 from Maximum PC, November
2000, "Product of the Year" from PC World, June 2000 and the technical
excellence prize from PC Magazine, November 1999.

"It is critical for consumers and business users to have the best
performance in their desktops and workstations in order to keep up with
today's demanding applications," said Vogl Lee, PC Magazine Taiwan
Editor-in-Chief. "AMD Athlon processors not only scream with speed, but also
enable consumers and business users to have a feature-rich performance

An award given by PC Authority magazine in Australia also honoured a system
based on the AMD Athlon processor for "Number 1 in Value" in the December
2000 issue.

AMD Duron(tm) Processor Awards
In the January 2001 issue of PC Achat, the editors write of the AMD Duron
processor, "The little brother of the AMD Athlon offers 90% of the power of
the star Athlon, with a better price. In relation to its competitor the
CeleronII, the AMD Duron is almost 25% more powerful and quicker...with a
better price! A price/quality relation at its best provides a perfect
processor for multimedia PCs in the value market. With all these qualities,
the AMD Duron is undeniably the processor of the year."

The latest recognition comes as the 850MHz AMD Duron processor is introduced
to the market. The 850MHz AMD Duron is one of one of the most powerful
processors ever offered for the offered in systems aimed at the sub-$1,000
PC value market. AMD also expects the advent of UMA integrated graphics
solutions for the Socket A infrastructure, in conjunction with AMD Duron
processors, to enable OEMs to provide richer system configurations at the
same price, or provide similar configurations at lower overall system prices
by eliminating the graphics card.

Five other honours for the AMD Duron processor come from publications in the
Czech Republic and Singapore.

AMD Athlon and AMD Duron Processor Awards Around the World
These latest developments bring the total number of awards for AMD's seventh
generation AMD Athlon and AMD Duron processor families, and systems based on
the processors, to 810. The following is a listing of the AMD Athlon
processor, AMD Athlon processor-based systems, and AMD Duron processor

AMD Athlon Processor Awards

Nordic countries

1. Product of the Year, PC World (Denmark), December 1999.
2. Product of the Year, PC World (Norway), December 1999.
3. Gullmus, Product of the year, Computer world (Norway), December 1999.
4. Product of the Year Award, MikroPC (Finland), December 1999.
5. Product of the Year Award - Processors, Tietokone (Finland), December
6. Technical Excellence - (Latvia), December 2000.
7. Supplier of the Year - (Sweden) , January 2001.

United States
8. CPU of the Year, Maximum PC, December 2000
9. World Class Award - Product of the Year, PC World, July 2000.
10. Analyst's Choice Award - Best PC Processor, Microprocessor Report,
January 2000
11. Technical Excellence - Best Component (Hardware Category), PC Magazine,
November 1999
12. Wired for 3D Editors' Choice, 3D Magazine, January 2000
13. Best Product of 1999 (Hardware), Windows NT Systems, January 2000
14. All-Star Award, Cadalyst, December 1999
15. CPU of the Year, Maximum PC, December 1999
16. Attaboy Award - Product of the Year, Houston Chronicle, December 1999
17. Peak Performer Award - Best Product (Hardware), System Builder Summit,
Palm Desert, California, March 2000.

18. Product of the Year 2000 (CPU category), PC Magazine (Taiwan), December
19. Editor's Choice, AHa! PC Magazine (Korea), July 2000.
20. Best New Computer Hardware, The Toronto Star, May 2000.
21. Best New Product, Breakaway Canada - Computing Technology Association of
Canada, April 12, 2000.
22. Best Processor of 1999 (Hardware for Games Category), Game.exe,
(Russia), March 2000.
23. CeBIT-Oscar for "Trend Setting Technology" - Hardware Category, CHIP
Magazin (Germany), February 2000.
24. Most Innovative Manufacturer, PC Direct (Germany), February 2000.
25. Reader's Choice - Most Innovative Hardware, PC Shopping (Germany),
February 2000.
26. Reader's Choice - Company of the Year (Germany), PC Shopping, February
27. Grand Prix Award, Best CPU - Hi-End Use, VIDI Magazine (Croatia),
February 2000.
28. Grand Prix Award, Best CPU - Games, VIDI Magazine (Croatia), February
29. Grand Prix Award, Best CPU - Office Use, VIDI Magazine (Croatia),
February 2000.
30. Innovation of the Year, PC Professionell (Germany), February 2000.
31. Product of the Year, PC Expert (France), January 2000.
32. Year 2000 Star Product (New Technology Category), Info PC (France),
January 2000.
33. Overall Product of the Year, Info PC (France), January 2000.
34. Editors' Choice, Generation PC (France), January 2000.
35. Product of the Year - Processor, PC Direct (France), January 2000.
36. Product of the Year 2000, PC Achat (France), January 2000.
37. Technical Excellence - Hardware and Component Category, PC Expert
(France), January 2000.
38. Technology Product of the Year, PC Kurier (Poland), January 2000.
39. Millennium Award, Personal Computer Magazine (The Netherlands), January
40. Best Product of 1999, China Computerworld (China), January 2000.
41. Top 10 IT Product in 1999, China Computer Reseller Weekly (China),
January 2000.
42. Highly Recommended Hardware, eNet, January 2000.
43. Technical Excellence - Best Component (Hardware Category), PC Magazine
en Espanol (Mexico), December 1999.
44. Best Overall Product of the Year, PC Magazine (UK), December 1999.
45. Best System Design - Processor, PC Magazine (UK), December 1999.
46. Product of the Year, PC Compatibles (France), December 1999.
47. Product of the Year, PC World (Denmark), December 1999.
48. Product of the Year, PC World (Norway), December 1999.
49. Best CPU for Desktops, PC World Komputer (Poland), December 1999.
50. Golden Knight Award - Best Processor of the Year, Home Computer
(Russia), December 1999.
51. Best of Comdex (Israel), December 1999.
52. Product of the Year Award, MikroPC (Finland), December 1999.
53. Product of the Year Award - Processors, Tietokone (Finland), December
54. Best of World PC Expo 99, Nikkei BYTE/Nikkei WinPC Magazine (Japan),
September 1999.
55. Hardware of the Year Award - Processors, PC Joker Magazine (Germany).
56. Readers Choice Award, CHIP Magazine, (Poland).
57. Zloty Processor, Teleinfo (Poland).
58. Golden Computer, Computer Bild.
59. Product of the Year, PC Magazine (Italy), 2000.
60. Product of the Year, CHIP Magazine (Poland), 1999.
61. Recommended Product, PC Actual (Spain).
62. Best Processor of the Year, Distributique (France).

AMD Athlon Processor-based System Awards
1. Fastest PC Ever Tested, Maximum PC, December 2000.
2. Number 1 for Value: Peripherals Plus AMD Athlon 700, PC Authority
(Australia), December 2000.
3. Reader's Choice 2000: MIRONET 500, CHIP Magazin (Czech Republic), October
4. #1 Home PC: Gateway Select 800, PC World, May 2000.
5. #1 PC Desktop Over $1,000: Polywell Poly K7-800, BusinessWeek Computer
Buying Guide, March 2000.
6. #1 PC Desktop Under $1,000: Polywell Poly AG-500, BusinessWeek Computer
Buying Guide, March 2000.
7. State-of-the-Art Desktop PC: Compaq Presario 5861, PC Computing, November
8. Editors' Choice Award (Desktop PCs): TCE K7-600, Computer Reseller News,
September 1999.
9. #1 Midrange PC: Micro Express's MicroFlex-550B, PC World, January 2000.
10. Best PC of 2000 Award, PC User, (Australia) November 2000.
11. Best Hardware of 1999: Polywell Poly 800K7-700,, December 1999.
12. System of the Year: CyberMax Enthusiast AP6 650 MHz Athlon, Maximum PC,
December 1999.
13. Attaboy Award - Best Consumer PC: Compaq Presario 5900Z, Houston
Chronicle, December 1999.
14. Cadalyst Labs 5-Star (out of a possible 5 stars) Highly Recommended
Workstation: Polywell 800K7-6501, Cadalyst.
15. Cadalyst Labs 5-Star Highly Recommended Workstation: Sys Performance
600A, Cadalyst.
16. Cadalyst Labs 5-Star Highly Recommended Workstation: Xi Computer 650K
MTower SP, Cadalyst.
17. Ultimate Game Machine (co-winner): Falcon Northwest Computers, Computer
Gaming World, December 1999.

AMD Duron Processor Awards
1. Best 2001 Processor, PC Achat (France)), January 2001.
2. Best Purchase of the Year 2001, PC Direct (France), January 2001.
3. Processor of the Year, Digital Times (Korea), December 2000.
4. Most Value for the Money, HardwareZone (Singapore), November 2000.
5. Stars, HardwareZone (Singapore), November 2000.
6. Reader's Choice 2000, CHIP Magazin (Czech Republic), October 2000.
7. Best Product of INVEX (Hardware Category), Czech IT Fair INVEX 2000
(Czech Republic), October 2000.
8. Best Product of the Year 2000, IDG (Czech Republic), October 2000.
9. Excellence Award, One2Surf (United Kingdom), July 2000.

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