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Gainward Hollywood/MX

3D graphics and home entertainment accelerator integrating the following key functions onto a singly AGP board:

· High performance 3D graphics accelerator with 32 MB of ultra-fast display memory for the most exciting 3D gaming performance.
· Award winning XPERToolTM performance tuning utility for easy customized performance enhancements and advanced performance settings.
· Unique High-Performance/Wide-BandwidthTM hardware design and powerful software support assures outstanding performance and stability.
· On-board TV-tuner (PAL and/or NTSC, see package label)
· Advanced software-support including ?real time? software DVD recording (requires Pentium III or compatible CPU with 750 MHz of faster), hardware accelerated DVD playback (complete digital video recorder functionality), multi channel preview (displays all available TV-channels as thumb nails) and time shift function.
· S-video-in for on-screen display, DVD recording and frame capturing from any external video source.
· S-video-out to connect a large screen display or an external S-video recorder.
· FM Radio in (optional)
· value adds, including multi lingual support, easy plug-and-play AUTORUN installation from CD-ROM, easy-to-use Windows utilities, and performance enhanced, accelerated software drivers.
· bundled with video editing software to cut DVD video sequences frame by frame, to combine them with fancy transitions to be chosen from a comprehensive library, to add text (titling) or special effects and to complete the video with a variety of sound tracks.

Hardware Specifications
· NVIDIA GeForce2 MX GPU 256-bit
· AGP 2X/4X with Fast Writes
· 32 MB super-fast 5ns SDRAM Display Memory
· Resolution up to 2048 x 1536 @ 75Hz
· Refresh rates up to 240 Hz
· Build-in 350MHz RAMDAC with gamma correction
· Full channel TV tuner supporting NTSC/PAL/SECAM (optional) standards
· Stereo-line-out connector
· NTSC/PAL S-video-in and S-video-out
· TV display resolution up to 800 x 600
· FM radio receiver 87~108Khz (optional)

GeForce2 MX 2D/3D Power
· NVIDIA 2nd generation 256-bit GeForce2 MX GPU
· Integrated 2nd Generation T&L engine
· 700-Mtexels Fill Rate
· 20M triangles/sec setup
· NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR)
· Integrated 350MHz RAMDAC, resolution up to 2048 x 1536 @75Hz

TV Tuner
· High quality, full channel TV tuner
· Preview and scan 16 TV channels to help you find your favorite programs
· Digital VCR function, software DVD recording and hardware accelerated playback
· Schedule to automatically record the favorite programs
· Multi channel preview function
· TimeShift support: record live TV broadcasts for later viewing, pause, scroll forward or instantly rewind
· Supports NTSC/PAL/SECAM (optional) standard
· TV-In-A-Window, up to full screen or any size, background TV window also available
· Easy to find TV window by " always on Top mode" while opening the other windows
· TV screen adjustments: brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, fine tune
Still and Motion Capture
· Capture video images from TV, VCR, V8 or camcorder
· Full motion video capture rate up to 30f/s
· Motion video capture size up to 320 x 240
· File formats supported: AVI, BMP, JPEG

TV-Out TwinView display
· Supports NTSC/PAL TV system
· TV-Out resolution up to 800 x 600
· Supports TwinView display to extend desktop or Clone

Video Playback
· High definition video processor (HDVP)
· Enhanced Motion Compensation for full screen video playback of all DVD/HDTV formats
· Video playback acceleration for DirectShow, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and Indeo

Package Contains
· Gainward Hollywood/MX 3D graphics and home entertainment accelerator
· Driver/application CD
· User?s manual
· WinDVR by InterVideo

API Support
· DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectVideo
· ActiveX
· WDM driver for Win98/ME/2000
· OpenGL ICD for Win9x, ME, Windows 2000

OS Support
· Windows 95/98/Me/2000/ NT4.0

Minimum System Requirements
· IBM or 100% compatible PC with Pentium II or compatible CPU, for real time DVD recording a Pentium III or compatible CPU with 733 MHz or faster is required
· 64 MB of system memory
· Hard disk space for video recording and time shift
· AGP Bus
· CD-ROM drive

Refresh Rate Table

256 color 16bit 32bit
640x480 240Hz 240Hz 240Hz
800x600 240Hz 240Hz 240Hz
1024x768 240Hz 240Hz 200Hz
1152x864 200Hz 200Hz 170Hz
1280x960 170Hz 170Hz 150Hz
1280x1024 170Hz 170Hz 150Hz
1600x900 150Hz 150Hz 120Hz
1600x1200 120Hz 120Hz 100Hz
1920x1080 100Hz 100Hz 85Hz
1920x1200 100Hz 100Hz 85Hz
1920x1440 85Hz 85Hz 75Hz
2048x1536 75Hz 75Hz 75Hz