MSI K7T Turbo Socket-A KT133A ATX @ Anandtech

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Anandtech har kigget på et prøve-eksemplar af MSI K7T Turbo Socket-A KT133A. Ligesom ABit's KT7A-RAID, har dette bundkort en ekstra controller, i dette tilfælde en Promise RAID Controller.
Continuing our KT133A coverage we have the MSI K7T Turbo. You've already seen what ABIT and EPoX have brought to the table, now find out if MSI can up the ante.

The result? MSI is still the king of stability. Once again, during our 24-hour stress tests, the K7T Turbo system did not crash once. Compared to the two crashes by the ABIT and EPoX boards, the K7T Turbo definitely earns some points here. Since we didn?t encountered any crashes at all for 24 hours, we decided to run the stability tests even longer on the K7T Turbo to see how long it would take the board to fail. Surprisingly, after running the system non-stop for more than 48 hours, we still did not encounter a single crash.
Du kan læse testen her: