Intel introducere X299, Kabylake-X & Skylake-X

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We all knew that the launch of Intel's Basin Falls platform was imminent and now we get confirmation on rumors and speculation directly from Intel regarding the new platform. The new platform will be Intel's "most scalable", meaning it will support CPUs with as little as four cores up to 18. That 18 core 36 thread CPU will cost almost $2000, but the new 10 core 20 thread CPU will cost $1000, while the lower-end CPU for the platform will cost under $300. They are even offering a 6 core 12 thread CPU at under $400. Yes, 18 cores with Hyper Threading, which is big news for the consumer industry. The new platform also upgrades Intel's HEDT segment to include newer technologies such as PCI-E 3.0 in the PCH. Intel has also made minor improvements and added some features to the new processors.      

The X299 platform will support Kabylake-X and Skylake-X CPUs. The Kabylake-X CPUs will only come in the 4-core variety, and are pretty much transplants of their desktop counterparts. I expect the same IPC, but higher clocks, as the TDP of the Kabylake-X CPUs is 21W higher than the 7700K and I doubt it will have an iGPU. The Skylake-X CPUs will offer four more PCI-E 3.0 lanes from the CPU for your GPUs and will use the new LGA 2066 socket (same mounting as LGA2011). You might also notice shared cache has decreased compared to Broadwell-E, and this is part of a cache restructuring effort that should improve performance.    


The shift to scale the X299 platform is an interesting one for Intel. They have basically added in two new core series lineups to their HEDT, signaling a change in strategy when it comes to the high performance consumer computing market. It should also result in lower platform prices, and we might see motherboards that feature the X299 chipset and only support some of the processors rather than all of them. The 10 core 20 thread i9-7900X will cost $1000, while the i9-7980XE will cost $2000 when launched. The pricing on their six-core processor, puts six Intel cores in the reach of many consumers.