Nyhed: GeIL – DDR4 3200MHz SO-DIMM 64GB kit

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GeIL – DDR4 3200MHz SO-DIMM 64GB kit


GeIL annoncerede i dag lanceringen af sine nye SO-DIMM Series RAM kits, på op til 64 GB kapacitet. 10th Generation Intel Core-processorer og AMD Ryzen 4000 Series Mobile processorer understøttes. Mens den mest avancerede model kommer i form af et Dual Channel kit på op til 64 GB x 3200 MHz x 1.20v (2x 32 GB), vil virksomheden også tilbyde andre hastigheder på 2933 og 2666 MHz, også i 64 GB kits. De er nok rettet mere mod fagfolk, der kræver en sådan mængde hukommelse til deres daglige gøremål.

I forbindelse medd lanceringen, har vi fået nedenståendfe pressemeddelelse tilsendt.


GeIL Announces DDR4 3200MHz SO-DIMM 64GB Kit

Providing Excellent Multimedia Creation Experience

Taipei, Taiwan - May 5th, 2020 – GeIL, Golden Emperor International Ltd. – one of the world's leading PC components & peripheral manufacturers announces the DDR4 3200MHz SO-DIMM 64GB kit providing the excellent multimedia creation experience for content creators that always require bigger memory capacity for memory intensive applications.

Supporting 10th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors as well as AMD Ryzen™ 4000 Series Mobile Processors, GeIL DDR4 3200MHz SO-DIMM 64GB Kit (32GB x 2) is fully compatible with the latest laptops on the market and can dramatically elevate the system performance turning the personal laptop to the mobile multimedia creation center. GeIL DRAM product department project manager Alex Wu explained, “As an overclocker starting to make videos sharing all related information with friends, this is exactly the product I’m looking for. With my laptop, I can even make the clip in a coffee shop now because bigger memory helps the video editing a lot.” GeIL DDR4 3200MHz SO-DIMM 64GB Kit features high density and standard 1.20V voltage, helping to achieve the ultimate in system effectiveness without additional power consumption.

 Besides DDR4 3200MHz 64GB Kit, other specifications such as DDR4 2933MHz 64GB Kit and DDR4 2666MHz 64GB Kit are also available supporting various processors to satisfy all users’ requirements.


More product information

SO-DIMM: http://www.geil.com.tw/product/?id=14

Product Marketing Assets Download: Click Here

Specification Comparison

Form Factor


DDR Generation



2666 MHz / 2933MHz / 3200MHz

Kit Capacity

16GB / 32GB / 64GB

Module Capacity

8GB / 16GB / 32GB



CAS Latency


Operating Voltage



GeIL Limited Lifetime Warranty

Country of Origin

Designed & Made in Taiwan


About GeIL

GeIL – Golden Emperor International Ltd. – one of the world's leading PC components & peripheral manufacturers that concentrates on making the most innovative products, from memory modules to gaming peripherals for PC enthusiasts worldwide

Established in 1993, GeIL has soon become one of the most trusted memory professionals in the industry. In the year 2000, with the vast knowledge of tweaking and producing some of the world’s fastest DRAM modules, GeIL shook the PC enthusiast market and changed it for the better. The introduction of the first ever memory heat-spreader, the dual-channel packaged memory kit and lifetime warranty are all innovative concepts that GeIL introduced in the PC DIY market. GeIL has focused on perfecting the technologies of IC testing, memory burn-in and quality assurance for memory products across all segments of the market. GeIL memory is now trusted and distributed in over 50 countries worldwide.

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