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ZADAK der i forvejen laver vandkølingsløsninger mv., annoncerer en ny TWSS3 2,5 "SSD til at udvide sin produktlinie ud over SPARK PCIe GEN 3x4 M.2 RGB SSD-serien. Bygget med SATA III 6 Gb / s interface og 3D NAND Flash-hukommelse er TWSS3 en god mulighed for enhver pc-opgradering, der kommer fra traditionelle harddiske, da den giver et boost i ydeevnehastigheder og er en holdbar, pålidelig, kompakt og har et lavt strømforbrug med høj kapacitet.

I forbindelse med lanceringen har vi fået nedenstående PR tilsendt.

Jan 14th, 2020 Taipei, Taiwan - ZADAK®, a leading provider of enthusiast PC gaming components and innovative water cooling solutions, announces a new TWSS3 2.5” SSD to expand its storage lineup beyond the SPARK PCIe GEN 3x4 M.2 RGB SSD series. Built with SATA III 6Gb/s interface and 3D NAND Flash memory, the TWSS3 is a great option for any PC upgrade moving from HDDs as it provides a boost in performance speeds, and is a durable, reliable, compact, and low power consumption high capacity storage device.

The TWSS3 is for PC users looking to improve their system’s performance. With sequential read and write speeds of 560/540MB/s, users will be able to instantly notice improvements in their system startup loading time and program responsiveness. Available in capacities of 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB, the TWSS3 offers reliability and durability with its built-in functionalities of Advanced Wear Leveling to ensure the longevity of the flash memory, Error-correcting code memory (ECC) to prevent data corruption, and TRIM command to protect the performance and keep it highly efficient even after long-term usage.

The TWSS3 SSD is even more interesting as a laptop storage device with its capability to sustain critical vibrations at 20G, and shock at 1500G, making it a safe option for users that are on the go. In addition, the TWSS3 power consumption is 95% more efficient than conventional HDDs to ensure that the battery won’t be drained by the storage.

ZADAK® introduced its first storage solution with the SPARK PCIe M.2 series for high-end PC users through its excellent compatibility with the latest Intel and AMD platforms and top-rate sequential read and write speeds of 3,400/3,000MB/s, respectively. Now with the addition of TWSS3 SSD’s users have more options for their gaming storage from ZADAK®


The TWSS3 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB are available starting January 29th, 2021, at an MSRP of $56.99USD, $99.99USD, and $209.99USD respectively. For more information on the ZADAK®

TWSS3, please visit the official product page: https://www.zadak.biz/products/content/66


Product Specifications


512GB / 1TB / 2TB



NAND Flash


Sustained Read Performance

Up to 560MB/s

Sustained Write Performance

Up to 540MB/s

*Speeds are measured with ATTO. The actual performance may vary due to host hardware, software, usage, and storage capacity.

IOPs (4K Random Write)

Up to 30,176 IOPS

ECC Support

Up to 72bit/1KB





Low Power Consumption (Active/Idle)



1,500,000 Hours



Standard Operating Temperature

0°C ~ +70°C

Storage Temperature

-40 ~ +85°C


100mm x 69.9mm x 7mm




5 Years