ROCCAT Score: Full-spectrum, dual-driver headset

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ROCCAT Score: Full-spectrum, dual-driver headset

Tysk Roccat, har har lanceret en i-øre (in-ear) gaming hovedtelefon. Med et unikt design og Real-Voice mikrofin, er de beregnet til mobil spillere, der forventer in-ear headsets skal give den samme store lyd som over-ear headsets har, de der normalt bruges med desktop og konsol-systemer. Passiv støj-annullering giver en fordybende spiloplevelse, uanset hvor du er.
Vi har fået tilsendt følgende pressemeddelelse.

Hamburg, 29th August 2018 After the success of the Aluma and Syva, two top-selling in-ear headsets, ROCCAT unveils the Score as a successor for fans of discrete, light-weight earphones.

The Score doubles the sound quality with its unique dual-driver design. Its large 10mm driver provides deep bass while its 6.8mm partner focuses on precise mids and highs. Both drivers are built using high-grade neodymium magnets. A specially developed acoustic chamber blends the two sounds together for perfectly balanced audio. Background noise is eliminated by passive noise-canceling blocks, allowing deeper game immersion.

Light weight, the Score is designed to focus entirely on the quality of its sound. It features an earhook design with a memory-form cable that can be micro adjusted to the contours of any ear shape, but also keeping it securely locked in place while on the move. It comes with a selection of ear tips ensuring the best fit for all.

The Real-Voice microphone transmits the full vocal range for accurate communication. In-cable audio controls provide mic mute, play, pause and skip music functions. A PC adapter is also included, ensuring that the Score is compatible for desktop, console and mobile use.

The Score is now available in most retails at the price of  Fi : 73,99€ DKK ; 549 NOK/SEK : 699

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