Nyhed: Be quiet laver igen AIO'er nu hedder de Pure Loop

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be quiet har lanceret en helt nyudviklet serie AIO'er, her ses 120mm AIO'en.

Serien har også en 240/280mm Aio.

360mm er be quiets største nye AIO.

Kølehovedet ser noget anderledes ud og her er der lys i det så mon ikke RGB LED lys er indbygget.

Med lyset slukket ser det nu også ganske lækkert ud.

Pumpen er blevet flyttet til slangerne på radiatoren. Det vil helt sikkert eliminere de problemer som den tidligere generation af be quiet!'s Aio'er havde med at luft i pumpen gjorde den langt fra støjfri.

Vi glæder os til at få samples til test.




Press briefing August 2020



Pure Loop



¦ High cooling performance with the following radiator sizes recommended for these CPUs:

¦ AMD Ryzen 3 or Intel Core i3: 120mm

¦ AMD Ryzen 5 or Intel Core i5: 240mm

¦ AMD Ryzen 7 or Intel Core i7: 240mm/280mm

¦ AMD Ryzen 9 or Intel Core i9: 280mm/360mm

¦ Doubly decoupled pump for quiet operation and minimal vibration

¦ Up to 3 Pure Wings 2 PWM fans combine quiet operation with high air pressure

¦ Illuminated aluminium-style CPU block with white LEDs, which offers a great contrast to the all-black design of radiator, tubes and fans

¦ Easy to access refill port and coolant bottle for high longevity

¦ Flexible, sleeved tubes and convenient mounting

¦ Nickel-coated coldplate, which can be used with liquid metal thermal compound

¦ 27mm thick radiator

¦ Three-year manufacturer’s warranty


Launch: Early October 2020

Pricing (MSRP; may be subject to change):

120mm: €84.90 / $84.90

240mm: €94.90 / $94.90

280mm: €104.90 / $104.90

360mm: €119.90 / $119.90


Silent Base 802


New features from Silent Base 801
¦ Interchangeable front panel for silent or airflow focus

¦ Interchangeable top cover for silent or airflow focus

¦ USB 3.2 Gen. 2 Type C connector replaces one USB 2.0 connector at the front panel

¦ Available in black or white, with and without tempered and tinted glass window (no highlight color options anymore)


Silence features

¦ Three step fan control for up to six fans (3-pin) with the option to hub all fans to one PWM signal
¦ Three preinstalled Pure Wings 2 140mm fans for silent operation

¦ High-grade dampening materials with up to 10mm thickness (side: 10mm / top (optional): 3mm / front (optional): 10mm)

Usability features

¦ Easy removal of both side panels with the push of a button at the rear. No screws needed.

¦ Interior can be inverted for installation of the motherboard on the left side. The window side panel can be placed on either side.

¦ PSU shroud and HDD slot covers for a neat look and easy cable management

¦ Case provides even more space for components, cable management, airflow and up to E-ATX motherboards. Possibility to install up to 420mm radiators in the front.

¦ One double HDD cage underneath the PSU shroud and one single HDD cage in the main chamber, each with decoupling elements, allow the installation up to 3 HDDs. Alternatively, together with the three slots behind the mainboard tray, users can install up to 7 SSDs out of the box

¦ Removable fan bracket in the top for easy installation of fans or radiators up to 360mm

¦ Dust filters are easy to reach from the front

¦ Easy installation of PSU with a mounting bracket, installed from the rear side


Launch: End of November 2020                                  
Pricing (MSRP; may be subject to change):

Black/White €159.90 / $159.90 (non-window) || €169.90 / $169.90 (window)


Silent Base 801 will be phased out when Silent Base 802 is released


Shadow Rock 3 White



¦ Impressive cooling performance of up to 190W TDP

¦ White heat sink is a highlight in any system

¦ Five 6mm nickel-coated copper heat pipes with heat pipe direct touch (HDT) technology

¦ HDT technology absorbs heat directly into the heat pipes

¦ Decoupled Shadow Wings 2 120mm PWM High-Speed fan

¦ Just 24.4dB(A) at maximum speed

¦ Asymmetric construction avoids blocking of RAM banks by the heat sink

¦ Elegant white surface and top cover with bi-color print

¦ Easy installation with top mounting

¦ 3-year manufacturer’s warranty



Launch: Early October 2020

Pricing (MSRP; may be subject to change): €59.90 / $59.90

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