Test: Zotac 8800GT UK

Grafikkort, NVIDIA  d.  29. oktober. 2007, skrevet af The Boss
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Produkt udlånt af: Zotac
DK distributør: MMD
Zotac 8800GT
This is only our second Zotac card we have ever tested, but most likely one of the most interesting graphicscards in recent months. I am ofcourse referring to Nvdias ”Little” new 8800GT. The card with the very high profile G92 core.
We have ofcourse been testing it,and let me tell you…The performance is incredible and now would be a good time to run out and order this card right away,then you can continue reading the reminder of the test when you have reccieved your order confirmation by mail.
It derserves to be mentioned that this card in particular Zotac Amp! 8800GT has been overclocked to a factory setting from 600 mhz to 700 mhz on the core, and from 900 mhz to 1000 mhz on the memory.I am at the moment of writing not aware of what the standard shaderclock is,but the shader on this Zotec card is 1700 mhz.

  • ·       Quick Installation Guide
  • ·       Driver CD
  • ·       SVHS-> Composite adapter
  • ·       2x4 pin molex ->6-pin PCI-E power
  • ·       DVI -> VGA adapter
The bundle is a bit dissapointing, but it still contains the things you need for this card. A few games would have been nice but hey they do need to trim the bundle to keep the price down.
GPU-Z screenshot: